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Keratoconus Poem by Janna

Keratoconus Poem by Janna

I spent year seeing tracers
Had double vision and blurred sight
Didn’t know I had the choice,
To put an end to my plight

I tried many optometrists
I had eye tests galore
Was once told I was lazy,
To just "focus more"
I was diagnosed as short sighted
Given a spectacle prescription
Later I was told of a condition
The symptoms matched my description

Knowing this thing had a name
Didn't come as a bonus
It couldn’t change the fact
I have keratoconus
I researched the diagnosis,
To learn the how's and the why's
Of why I'd been cursed
With these two faulty eyes

Usually starting in the teen years,
Most agree it's progressive
It can take years to worsen
Or can be quite aggressive
The key feature's the cornea
Generally rounded for most
It’s more conical for patients
Where this disease takes up host

I was sent to Marketown Optical
To meet yet another optom
At first I was quite sceptical
Of meeting Heidi or Dom
I booked a meeting with Heidi
And soon all my fears died
She specialised in my problem
There was someone on my side

I said I hate RGP lenses
"They’re just not for me"
She said it would be worth it
When I could finally see
I pushed past the discomfort
And now I know she was right
I can't thank Heidi enough
For restoring my sight

Now my Keratoconus
No longer dictates what I see
It’s only part of my life
This disease won't define me

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  1. The Story of my life. Regards from Monterrey, Mexico

  2. Very well said, Jenna. Good luck Jillx

  3. This poem successfully put my life into words. Very well done.