My message for everyone who is living with keratoconus

My message for everyone who is living with keratoconus

My name is Dillale, I was diagnosed with keratoconus when I was 19. from a young age I had double vision. It was fascinating at that time, little did I know there was a problem underneath, every year when I visited my optometrist they noticed my eyesight was gradually decreasing, up to the point where I wore very thick lenses and there was no size left for me.

How can you ever say 'thank you' for your eyesight?

My vision does fluctuate every few years, but I consider myself very blessed and have won the battle with Keratoconus and Cataracts.

As a child, I started having vision problems when I was five. (1959) I was diagnosed as "Extremely Far Sighted" in both eyes and wore glasses for 3 years. At 8 years old my eyes were fine. Mom continued to have my eyes examined every year with no problems.

At 15, (1968) I flunked a vision test at school so they sent me to an optometrist who could not refract my right eye. I was sent to an Ophthalmologist who immediately diagnosed me with Keratoconus and started me wearing an RGP lens. The left eye got jealous and two years later, (1970) was diagnosed with keratoconus and got an RGP lens for it.

The most heartbreaking thing about having keratoconus

The most heartbreaking thing about having keratoconus

I'm Emily, wife and mother of two gorgeous boys. I got diagnosed with keratoconus in one eye about 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest. But after giving birth and suffering from post natal depression, I did not attend the follow up appointment.

With my eyesight getting worse and worse, I made another appointment a couple of years ago and got checked out again, deep down hoping and praying it was a mistaken diagnosis before. Sadly the doctor told me I did “still” have it but this time in both of my eyes, which I admit did break me down a little.

Keratoconus is extremely rare where I live and people have no idea what it is

Growing up I was told I had a lazy right eye. At age 4, I had surgery to correct a squint and went through what felt like forever having my good eye patched up and having to go around unable to see a foot in front of me.

I had always known the vision in my right eye was never great and never knew any better. I went through years of wearing glasses, and going to checkups at the opticians. However when I was about 18, things started to change. I noticed my eye sight in my "good" eye was getting worse and I was struggling to read things on the TV. I couldn't even read the top line on the chart with my right eye.