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Intacs for Keratoconus (Photo by Helen Thompson)

Intacs for keratoconus (right eye)

Intacs for keratoconus, right eye (Photo by Helen Thompson, shared with permission)

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  1. Hi, I was diagnosed with Keratoconos at age 28 in 2008. I could not wear hard contacts. In 2011, I got glasses. I did not return to the doctor until 2015 and my eye glass perscription had not changed!!!! In fact my keratoconos regressed due to a supplement I had been taking called sun chlorella (i took 20 pills of the green food a day for almost a year with my lunch) – even my astigmatism regressed too.

    I truly believe that Keratoconos is caused by Candida, toxicity and nutritional defeciencies. If you don’t know what candida is – it is a yeast. With the Sun chlorella, my yeast problem improved. Now I also take Plexus worldwide products (triplex combo) – this company has a product that kills candida. I also take another supplement called e3live. I have yet to go to the doctor to see if my eye problems have gotten even better since taking these supplements. Next I am going to try a collagen supplement – arthaffect by reliv since keratoconous is a connective tissue disease and our connective tissues are made up of collagen.

    How does the body get full of candida? it’s because we are toxic. We have toxic build up in our colon and liver. Our colons are full of undigested food called mucoid plaque. Here is a company that distributes a product that will help you remove your mucoid plaque in 3 days: http://www.3daycleanse.com/. Also our livers are full of liver stones. The liver is the filter of the body. Research the dr Hulda clark Liver cleanse. You need to do liver cleanses regularly. We all have hundreds if not thousands of stones in our liver. I have realized that you must cleanse in order to be healthy. I also recommend Kevin Trudeau’s book: Natural cures they don’t want you to know about. Both Dr Clark and Kevin Trudeau have gone to jail for sharing natural cures. Use the information that they painstakingly shared to help yourself!! Good luck!

  2. A good comment. I suffer both from keratoconus and from yeast overgrowth, probably Candida, so it was fun to find an explicit comment where someone says "yes" to the relationship that immediately came to my mind when I learned about the yeast diagnosis.

    Another question is whether your explanation is really correct...

    I've mostly tamed Candida and began to consider keratoconus to be my #1 medical imperfection again. It would be fun if you or I found out that some of the treatments against Candida may help the eyes. I found it plausible - but it could be a complete nonsense as well. I am just not sure.

  3. my keratoconus regressed within a month after taking vitamin D3 supplements along with magnesium citrate

    1. You mean that your Keratoconus as disease regress and your vision became better? Or your vision regress and the disease get worse?

    2. Not sure about regression but I can definitely read the eye chart completely now

  4. The first guy is so right you have to cleanse your whole body before you can make your keratoconus whole. Doctors don't know about holistic approach, Everything is a quick fix. Try DrBombayProducts.com his herbs also helps with making the body whole it helps your whole body to detox with any side effects.