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What Do Keratoconus Patients Carry in Their Bags?

Photo: Gene Kenyon
The idea of this post came to me when I was reading a similar discussion on our Facebook group, and I though it may be interesting for all of you to know what kind of stuff do keratoconus patients need to have around and what do they carry in their bags.

What do you need to carry with you all the time for your eyes? Do you have a special bag for them? Tell us in the comments section below.

Here is what some of our members shared with us:

Photo: Warren A
"Specialists have recommended I use the dry eye drops in vials because they don't contain any preservatives." Warren

Photo: Rene Vasquez
"From left to right: my glasses, glasses case, clear care cleaning chamber, rewetting drops, saline, Lobob deep cleaner, scleral lens remover, inserter, mirror with lights, clear care solution, extra saline, and lastly my man purse." Rene

Photo: Eric Jones
From left front to right and then back.

  • Glasses Case, Glasses 
  • Sunglasses
  • Lens Cleaning microfiber towels
  • Reading glasses
  • Moist Lens wipes
  • Unisol4 Saline Solution
  • Spare pair of Hydrophilic Lenses to use as piggybacks (I hope to get rid of these with the new UltraHealth Lenses)
  • Spare pair of old lenses to go with the Hydrophillic Lenses (I hope to get rid of these with the new UltraHealth Lenses)
  • Empty bottles for UltraHealth lenses that I picked up today (I have to keep them until the lenses are out of warranty)

Photo: Becky Wilder
"I don't have a "bag", per se, but do keep this kit in my desk at all times so that on days that when my eyes hurt I can switch to glasses. I also will take the bottle of solution with me in my purse so that if my lenses dry out or become uncomfortable I can take them out and reinsert them (or store them for the day)." Becky

Photo: Ana Costa

Photo: Sarah Halliday
"I use HyloTear eye drops for dry eyes, mini bottle of saline incase I need to take my RGPs out and rinse them, Boston conditioner and Boston cleaner, a hand sanitiser incase of emergency and my sunglasses. I don't go anywhere without my sunglasses! This little kit even comes with me on a night out." Sarah

Photo: Gene Kenyon
"Here is what I carry.  Rewetting drop, Zaditor eye drops, 2 Glaucoma drops, Restasis drops, small bottles of Saline, Polarized sunglasses with readers, extra lenses  RGP &  Hybrid, insertion & removal plungers, ibuprofen, and a garage door opener in case I can't see the correct house key.  No prescription glasses as there is none that I can see with." Gene

Photo: Heidi Midthus
Photo: Heidi Midthus

Don't forget to send us pictures of your eye care bags so we could share it with our readers. [email protected]

P.S. We do not endorse any of the above products. please make sure to ask your doctor which product is best for you.

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