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When I Was Thrilled to Hear I Have Keratoconus!

Sometimes you get to know you have keratoconus and it's not as bad as it looks like.

I had a sight issue only on my left eyes. I had glasses for two years, since I was 16. it was weird to wear them and uncomfortable, well, not as the "hard lens" eye contacts we have today, but you know.

After high school I had to (Israel...) draft for the army, and I was sure I'll get a good place to be in - like computers or intelligence force.

Somehow I got lost in the way (army...) and since my stuff got found (I really don't understand what happened) on the last moment, they decided to put me in the worst combat unit, somewhere in the desert, which does practicality does nothing, and I should have been there for 3 (!!) years, OMG.

I fought and fought, asking for them no to send me there, but then I just gave up, hoping for the best when I'll arrive to the nowhere where the combat is placed.
Few days before drafting I went to my doctor, getting a prescription for updated glasses, so I won't have problems while in recruit training.

He's looking, checking, and then again, rechecking, asking some people...and then...
"Man, you can't got to combat unit, you have keratoconus, in fact, you almost can't see in one eye and will probably have to get a surgery to fix it", he said sadly.
Silence in the room.
Think to myself, then.. jumping with joy!
"Thank you Doctor! You made my day!", I've never been so happy to hear that I'm dying..well..sort of :)

Well, since it was very close to the drafting day, I had to change my unit only when I'll get to the army, and then I find myself waiting in the drafting base for 5 days, waiting for the doctors to understand what the f*** is keratoconus and how should they attend it and what to do with me.

I assume that they just gave up and let me go to some office unit, which got to be very interesting.

Nowadays I'm see quite great while using both my eyes, and while using only my left eyes it becomes very blurry. I can live with it and hoping it won't get worst.

Thank you keratoconus!

By Etay Liberman.

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