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Never Give Up, Keratoconus Is Not the End of Your Life!

My name is Elgin Foster. I'm a 26 year old weight lifter who aspires to be an inspiration through personal training. I'm happily married, and we are expecting our first little one, a boy, due in July. I was officially diagnosed with keratoconus in 2014 and my life hasn't been the same since.

Employment has been a constant struggle because of keratoconus. My dream of personal training has been put on hold because of lack of funds. I've worked several different jobs, everything from warehouse manager to a correctional officer. My very last job, I was working as a custodian, but because of the keratoconus, I was harassed and fired within 2 months. This happened right after I was told that they would work with my lack of vision.

I've been through, and am still going through, a lot of storms that range from bringing in no income to constantly fighting off depression. Depression stems from not being able to socialize because I can't see who I'm talking to, being in constant pain from ocular headaches, eyes burning all the time, fear that I won't be able to see my own son's face, and just a general feeling of hopelessness.

For all the keratoconus brothers and sisters we have all been through the questions ...  "Why don't u get glasses?" I've tried that. "Why are u squinting?" I can't see. "If u have this disease, how are u driving?" (as if we  got it over night..) I struggle with driving and at night it's pretty much  impossible.

I've tried disability for just a little bit of income to sustain my family until I can afford treatment, but they claim I have to be blind completely. I even tried a Go Fund Me so I can raise money to pay for my course in personal training so that I can support and take care of my growing family. I've tried everything and gotten nowhere.

It's still a constant struggle, especially since my little family is getting bigger, we're in dire need of a vehicle, and we have very little income and support.

But through it all I find small things to be grateful for. So hold on and never give up my KC brothers and sisters. I refuse to let keratoconus beat me. You're not alone in this fight.

Stay strong  everyone.

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