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They Blamed Me for My Keratoconus

Over 25 years ago, I entered into an apprenticeship at a stained glass shop. Imagine my surprise when at 18 years old, I could not tell a straight line from a sharp arc. All my life I thought there were two fuzzy eggs where everyone else sees a moon. I was perplexed at how things could be both near and far! Obviously I needed glasses, OK, get glasses, become an artist. No problem.

Imagine my surprise when the ophthalmologist could not give me clarity, everyone has glasses, is this normal? NO.... he turned opened a closet door and after a minute of rummaging he pulls out an old leather case, dusted it off, and pulled out a funny looking tool, looking through the apparatus, he says, "Yep, I was afraid so... son, I believe that you may have a rare condition known as KERATOCONUS".

OH OK, WHAT??? They sent me to a specialists who confirmed it and followed that up by saying I gave it to myself by rubbing my eyes!?... I was ashamed, alarmed, and grieving the loss of my dreams... cool. I'll fake it!

I fell into a spiral of secret shame, as I have other disabilities as well. I managed to work at over 250 different jobs before I submitted to my disability's. Imagine hiding your blindness because you thought it was your own fault!!!

20 years of embarrassing clumsiness. I once dropped a 100 year old piece of glass because the table was both near and far! I have tried the gas permeable contact lenses to no avail, I stopped seeking help, now, I for the first time did NOT pass eye test at the D.M.V.

I bought a bike, built a trailer to pull my kayak, spent thousands of dollars looking for the right sunglasses, and just in case, I bought a bow and arrow, why not, (it was recommended by a physical therapy for other disability)... I have since won 2 first place trophy's!!! Against regular peeps! I am hoping to make the best of what sight I have left. I would like to shoot for charity.

Disabled but not done, let my weakness be God's strength!

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