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How keratoconus complicated my life for the past 25 years

Dear Keratoconus: You have complicated my life for about 25 years. Can't say for sure because for so long I went undiagnosed. I have worn hard lens, gas perm lens, soft lens, piggy back lenses and now scleral. Glasses are no longer an option to give my eyes a rest after 15+ hours of wearing sclerals a day.

You have made driving a challenge. Night driving, unless for a short distance where I know the roads, has been over since the age of 50. That has brought about anxiety issues.

You have taken away my love of reading. Sure I use glasses for reading but squinting when reading a book is not enjoyable.

You have taken away my ability to be accurate at work, from typing numbers to reading emails and all other computer work. I catch so many mistakes because of my inability to see clearly.

You gave me cataracts at the age of 45, and I had to function with one eye each time for 6 month period before and after surgery. And then a few years later I needed Yag capsulotomy.

You gave me floaters. You've made my eyes so sensitive to light, sunglasses are always a must.

You make me use a 10-15X mirror to put on makeup so I don't leave the house looking like a clown. Mascara has never been a part of that because I don't dare take a chance a flick of it gets in my eye.

You have made scleral lenses my best option. They are very expensive, (which insurance does not cover) I need special plungers, solutions and cleaners to take care of them, and need to have those supplies with me at all times.

Sue Harley @SueHarley5I recently was having a bad "gooping" day and took out the lens to feel rough edges. Taking a magnifying glass I could see 2 chips at edge of lens. Three months old and another $500. Now this happened to the left lens.

You have taken so from me at such a young age. Multiple times everyday I am am reminded in some way or another that I am dealing with keratoconus.

I know there are so many other diseases that are worse than keratoconus, I realize that, but I don't think many people are even aware of this disease and what it robs us of.

Sue Harley @SueHarley5

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