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A Keratoconus Journey Through the Himalayas

Singalila in the Himalaya is the story of a young Keratoconus patient finding his way in life to trek through the Himalayas and finds that, the best medicine for his eyes are the sights of the beautiful mountains and valleys in the Himalayas.

George Thengummoottil, who diagnosed with Keratoconus during his childhood, travels through the Himalayas to find solace and peace in his life.

The team follow the path of three Himalayan explorers. A major part of the trek follows the trail used by Douglas William Freshfield, the British Mountaineer who encircled Mount Kangchenjunga in 1903.

On day seven, the team reach Khangla Pass at the border of India and Nepal from where the team head south along the Singalila Ridge, the border between India and Nepal following the path of Joseph Dalton Hooker, to reach West Bengal.

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