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When Keratoconus Makes Its Way Into Our Dreams

Keratocat is visited by the eye fairy in his sleep. She brings hope of new treatments and possible cure for our eye disease, keratoconus!

The eye fairy has visited Keratocat in his sleep and brings hope of new treatments and possible cure for his eye disease, keratoconus!

Have you ever had a dream about keratoconus?

Have you ever had a dream about keratoconus? Were they sweet dreams, or unpleasant ones? Tell us about your keratoconus dreams and we will share your comments on this post.

Here is what our community members had to share about their keratoconus dreams:

Yeah! Last month! My vision was rapidly decreasing its quality! It was a nightmare!

When I dream with my keratoconus is that my contact lenses are so big like the size of a bottle cap! And I can't put them on 😩

Nah, not specifically about Keratoconus, it's just a word to me. I have occasional dream where I can see clearly, but am always disappointed when I wake up and it's blurry

I had a dream that my eyes worked awesome without lenses. Woke up and could see perfectly, except there was a slight fog... for a second thought wow my dream was real.... then I realized I forgot to remove my contacts before going to bed....

Always have dreams (more like nightmare) that I'm trying to put on my lenses but they are massive large glass lenses and I'm freaking out. OMG that's weird

I've had a recurring dream for months that my full graft will just peel off and I have to lose my eye 😭😭

I regularly dream that I can't escape a dangerous situation because I can't wake up : because my eyes are so violently hurt by light that they won't so I get caught up in horrible situations.

My occasional dream is that I can’t find my lens that goes in my ‘good’ right eye and I can’t open my left transplant eye because it hurts too much.

All of my dreams I can see clearly! I did, however, have one dream the other day where my eye health was terrible due to complications in surgery. Must be because I underwent surgery the other week and, for some reason, am still worried it hasn't been successful. Dreams, eh?!

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