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From Mexico with Keratoconus: Two Years with Scleral Lenses

It has been almost two years wearing scleral contacts, and this is a brief summary of how this has had a impact in my life!

It has been almost two years wearing scleral contacts, and this is a brief summary of how this has had a impact in my life!

Now it has been almost two years that I am wearing scleral contact lenses and so far, a world of difference, for good, no more pain due to light dust or pet hair, much more comfortable feeling, although eyesight has not been dramatically improved, wearing my sclerals plus glasses, VARILUX brand, in my case the best for progressive prescription, do the job.

Having my left eye blind, makes inserting/removing my scleral half difficult, I use two fingers, my middle and index, fill the scleral contact lens with 15-16 eye drops of Genteal Tears, and insert it really carefully so it does not move and get into my eye with no bubbles, still, sometimes I have to perform this operation two or three times so it can be inserted with no bubbles at all!

I can still work perfectly, and drive in a very decent way, with some nightmares sometimes driving at night. At work, I still have to zoom in the computer display so I can read, still have my Victor´s Font size.

I swim regularly with swimming goggles on, with no problem, even adding anti fog drops to the googles does not make my eyes itchy as it used to do with my RGP contacts.

I love riding my bicycle on weekends, still having issues, due to my blind left eye to calculate correctly the distance between my front tire and the bicycle in front of my rear tire. With running, I have no issues.

I still have my good eye days and bad eye days. as before, it is still a roller coaster, with big ups and downs.

Thanks God, I work in a company that supports me with my eye condition, and even let me be the Plant Manager, with big responsibilities and duties, and push me for results the same way they push other managers with good eye conditions.

Sometimes, especially during night time, the question arises, why me? why me?, and the answer comes sometimes that same night, sometimes days later, just simple: “because you can!”. Similar to when you ask: Why God, do you keep me here in turbulent waters? And you receive the answer: “because your enemies do not know how to swim”

Summarizing, scleral contacts changed my life for good in the way of comfortability and feeling well, not in eyesight quality, but we can't have it all, can we?

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