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How to Insert Hybrid or Regular Soft Contact Lenses Using a Plunger

I have Keratoconus in my Right eye and need to wear a Hybrid contact lens to correct my vision to almost 20 20. (Glasses DO NOT WORK). My left eye is still pretty good and my vision can be corrected with a normal soft contact lens.

I have been asked before, how I insert my lenses and why the plunger, especially when inserting my normal lens. NOTE: I do not use the plunger for removal. The plunger I use is the DMV plunger.

I personally believe this is one best way to handle contact lens, more sanitize, regardless if they are a special lens or a normal soft lens. The less I handle my lenses directly with my fingers, the less chance of getting eye irritations and/or infections. All of us with Keratoconus know about that. It doesn’t take much for our eyes to go crazy.

My regimen is as follows:

Please seek your eye doctor's advice before changing your contact lens care regimen. your doctor's recommendations may vary for many reasons, including contact lens type!

I disinfect at night with CLEAR CARE Solution. I rinse with Complete Contact Lens Solution. I also use the Complete Contact Lens Solution for insertion (as required by Hybrids. They need solution inside lens during insertion. I also use inside my normal soft contact lens while inserting, although it is not necessary. I like the fresh rinsed feeling).

I made a little movie showing my procedure. Please excuse my lack of make-up and I had not done my hair yet, either. I rarely insert my lenses after make-up – always before.

Narration of movie:

First, I remove the Clear Care lens holder from the vial. I rinse my plunger in that liquid. I gently touch my right contact lens, the Hybrid, with the plunger. You will notice that is will stick to the plunger (without any force), and is done quickly. I then rinse the contact lens with my Complete Contact Lens solution, fill the lens and gently touch to my eye. It will attach to my eye with only a light gentle touch. Then I do my Left Lens the same.. Walla!!!! Ready to pretty up for the day and head to work.

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