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Keratoconus, Art and I

I was diagnosed with Keratoconus when I was somewhere in my mid teens. I cannot remember precisely because I immediately rejected the concept. I am now 51 and still reject it. However three operations later Keratoconus is still around, so I guess it doesn’t get the hint.

So where does art come in? As a youth I loved vibrant colours and the halos of lights that seemed everywhere. Indeed, vibrant colours leapt out at me, blossoming over plainer companions. Of course it was the Keratoconus and this became normal for me. Sure, I detest this disorder. It has caused me a lot of grief. However, over the years I have always appreciated the view on the world that it gives me. Blurry – yes. Multiple visions of things – yes. Distortions galore – yes. But such beautiful colours and lights. Maybe its what made me paint.

I’m not going to bore you with details of my life and my various struggles. We all struggle. It’s our victories that define us. So let me share my personal victories over my eyesight - my artwork. Here are samples all produced through squinting and often weeping eyes.

Unexpected – digital, 2015
Unexpected – digital, 2015

Three Sisters – oils on canvas, 2015
Three Sisters – oils on canvas, 2015

Finally, one of the great joys that I have had is that I was asked to create some illustrations for use in a major medical conference in Paris this year called EuroPCR. Here is one of the illustrations from the set:

I look forward to hearing tales of triumph from others out there.


Greg Long is a fantasist, writer, artist and traveler. as hobbies he writes science fiction/fantasy, creates 3D computer generated art, and paints in oils.

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