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Introducing the Keratocat: A Cat with Keratoconus


We are happy to introduce to you, the KERATOCAT.

Keratocat is a cat with keratoconus who is on a mission to spread awareness about KC and our daily struggles.

Stay tuned for more Keratocat cartoons!

About myself:

I was diagnosed with keratoconus 34 years ago, I graduated from dental school and worked in that field for some years, then my keratoconus on the left eye advanced to the point that only treatment possible was to get a new cornea. I had a corneal transplant about 23 years ago. Unfortunately,  the result in the improvement of my sight wasn't enough to allow me to return to work in my profession.

I have to recognize the incredible support of my wife during all these years (I work at the administrative area of her dental office). Something we have learned with the time is that. sense of humor makes it easier to live with a disease like keratoconus.

I created the Keratocat, a cat with keratoconus, to show my experiences with keratoconus in a humorous way. I hope Keratocat contributes to spread awareness about keratoconus.

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  1. Thank you, I had my corneal transplant a few years ago and my sight is still not great but I have good days. I am learning new ways of dealing with it, but thanks to my husband and family, they are very supportive.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Support from the love ones is fundamental for us. As you I have my good and no so good days, but you know life goes beyond of keratoconus. Gabriel Acevedo

  2. Love it. Keep it up!