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My message for everyone who is living with keratoconus

My message for everyone who is living with keratoconus

My name is Dillale, I was diagnosed with keratoconus when I was 19. from a young age I had double vision. It was fascinating at that time, little did I know there was a problem underneath, every year when I visited my optometrist they noticed my eyesight was gradually decreasing, up to the point where I wore very thick lenses and there was no size left for me.

I do not really remember having clear vision, my world was normally blur and it was something I had gotten used to over the years. it was at that time I was referred to an ophthalmologist and after undergoing several tests I was diagnosed with Keratoconus.

I really did not understand what it really was. it was quite a scary time for my family and I, I was prescribed rigid gas permeable contact lenses and anyone who has worn them before can confirm the first days can be challenging. getting used to RGPs took quite a time for me, but they were just the best thing that happened to me.

For the first time I could see clearly, but it was short lived. in 2015, I visited my ophthalmologist and after several tests she decided that I undergo corneal crosslinking. but unfortunately it was not possible as my cornea had thinned in my right eye. they suggested that I have a cornea transplant but that was something I was reluctant to do. after researching, it took me almost two years to finally agree to a corneal transplant and early 2017 I should get it done in Moscow.

I am truly grateful for the support I got from my parents, sister, brothers and my fiance. it was never going to be easy without these people in my life. my message today to all the beautiful people out there who are currently living with keratoconus is that, it is not a death sentence. never give up hope. I know it can be a really frightening experience because its not something that is quite common. contacts can be difficult to wear and when its windy it is even harder. clear vision not a luxury we have and the bills quite high, but despite all that, know that you are not alone. we are many out there and everything will just be fine.

Huge thank you to all who shared their experiences, it gave me hope.


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