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Building a Better Future for Keratoconus Patients

There was a time that only a few people had heard about keratoconus, but times are changing.

We will be celebrating the 2nd World Keratoconus Day in less than a week, and there will be a Congressional Briefing on November 7, sponsored by National Keratoconus Foundation, to recognize National Keratoconus Day.

Corneal crosslinking now has better insurance coverage a year after being approved by FDA, and we now have more treatment options, including various types of contact lenses.

This year we have celebrated our 10th anniversary, and we have connected with many other communities who are helping us to reach more people.

Beginning as a small forum in 2007, our community has grown to more than 17,000 members and 13,000 social media followers from 178 countries. it has been rewarding to see that the idea of spreading keratoconus awareness has grown stronger each year.

We are proud of our community and our successes, and we would like to acknowledge the efforts of people who are helping keratoconus patients. none of what we have today would be possible without the help of our dedicated volunteers and thousands of contributors who share their knowledge and experience on our forums everyday.

Join us in building a better future for Keratoconus patients by spreading awareness, and help to create a stronger community that fosters new relationships between patients, eye care providers and researchers.

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