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Driving Under the Influence of Keratoconus

Driving could be challenging for keratoconus patients, especially at night because of halos or starbursts around lights.

Tell us about your driving experiences. How is daytime and night driving for you?

Cartoon by Gabriel Acevedo

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  1. Daytime driving is very difficult because of the sun. Sometimes shortly after waking up I have to wear sunglasses even when it's cloudy outside. Driving at night is difficult when an oncoming car has bright lights or I'm in a very bright area because of all of the light halos.

  2. Driving at night is stressful. I work nights and take 2 major highways to get to my job (approx 30 min away). I see halos from oncoming traffic that take up the entire left lane and the cars in front of me are starting to become doubles. My day time driving isn't as bad. Just blurry and sensitive to light. Contacts have not worked for me and my vision changes every 2 weeks so currently waiting to hear if I qualify for crosslinking or if I'll need a transplant. Wish me luck