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Keratoconus... Ke-ra-to-co-nus, what???

Keratoconus... Ke-ra-to-co-nus, what???
My topography result (when first KC discovered)

My name is Tahir, I was born in 1985 and have good childhood without any important health problems. My eyes were healthy since my parents got aware of something was going bad. I had gone to the doctor and he told me that my left eye have astigmatism and myopia about (-2 and -1) and my right eye have myopia about 0.5, he advised me to use glasses but I was comfortable without glasses and hadn't use any glasses since 2005.

I was attending the university at that time and started driving a car so that my vision was not so crisp so that I decided to see a doc again, the doctor told me that he can't believe I wasn't using glasses because my astigmatism and myopia was -4,-2 and I shouldn't see clearly anytime. But my right eye was much better so that he told me that my brain just ignores the vision coming from my left eye and got used to use my right eye vision. But he again recommended me to use glasses, I got the glasses this time. I am still using glasses but in 2012, about 2 years before, I have bought a new car and got problems driving long hours or evening time, I thought that my eye problems have changed, maybe I should see a doctor, when I arrived the doctor I told him that the lights seem weird and have problems seeing with my glasses. He wanted me to have an eye topography test, after that he told me that I have keratoconus and recommended to have crosslinking operation. I was shocked and told him that I am going to think about it, I have visited 2 other doctors and they all told me the same, I thought that if I won't touch and rub my eyes, KC will not go bad. But that was a big mistake...

After a year, I have gone to my doctor for a test again and saw that KC gone worse and again adviced me to have CL operation. I had my CL operation that day, 31.01.2014, and happy with it for now. First day of the operation was a little bit painful but not that bad, you can stand that pain, 2nd or 3rd days still I couldn't open my eyes but after 4-5-6. days everything started to go better and I was comfortable with my eyes, I still use my glasses but a week before my doctor told me that CL operation was successfull and if I want to see better we should test to use ClearKone lenses. I am still having problems driving a car in the evening time so that I decided to use (at least test) contact lenses. On saturday (12.04.2014) I had tested ClearKone lenses and I was comfortable with it (a little bit disturbing but can be worth it), so I accepted to buy it. My doctor and I decided to use it on my left eye only, and we are going to use a stardart contact lens for my right eye.

That's my story, I hope I can help someone...

My medicines after CL operation

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