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My Latest Keratoconus Disaster

So, on Thursday I lost my contact lens (the replacement for my broken one. I'd only had it for a month or two) down the sink at work (don't ask how, it just happened, and no I couldn't try the 's' or 'u' bend because in our hospital these are behind tiled walls...anyway...I tried to keep working to no avail, when you can't see the computer and you work a busy reception desk in a major outpatient clinic at a huge hospital you're in trouble!

I went home and called Heidi my beautiful optometrist to ask her to order me a replacement AGAIN...I was told it'd be a few days as it comes from America. I had to stay home from work the next day (Friday) as I knew I couldn't do my job adequately. I struggled at home and to and from the shops, unable to see any faces, unable to judge distances, unable to read, it was horrible.

On Sunday I was preparing for dinner by cutting open a packet of fettuccini using a huge bread knife (I couldn't find scissors). I didn't realise that I had my finger placed directly under the knife's blade. I kept sawing through the packet...and then into my finger. Unfortunately when a knife is super sharp you don't really feel it cut your skin straight away. If I'd cut too much further I would have amputated my fingertip. It bled for 40 mins solid. In that time my fiancé Matt and I caught a bus to the hospital as neither of us drive. We went to GP Access (an after hours service that sees patients who are urgent but not emergencies.
I had my finger glued together and taped with steri strips.

I didn't go to work the next day (Monday) as I was told not to use my finger for 24 hours, as someone who needs to use a keyboard for my career I didn't have that option (avoiding the use of your index finger isn't easy)
Luckily my contacts arrived Monday afternoon and so I picked them up and my world got better (aside from the finger)

I went to work on Tuesday and while I wasn't as fast as usual, I still managed to do my job.

Anyway, the main reason I posted this is to show that without our vision aids  (glasses, contacts, etc) keratoconus isn't just difficult to live with, it can actually be dangerous. Prior to my contacts I fell over at least once a month due to my inability to judge the height of ridges, steps, cracks in pavement and things like that. I nearly always had grazes and cuts on myself as a result, people thought I was clumsy and uncoordinated when the truth was that I was lucky to even slightly see where I was going. Since having my hard lens I haven't fallen over or hurt myself majorly at all.

I'm grateful that science and medicine has created solutions to help us deal with our condition, without these who knows how much worse off we'd be.

I attached some pics of the injury and how bad my vision was (in fact they are probably easier to focus on than the work was for those few days)

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  1. LO que cuentas es tragico,,pero creo que una persona con queratocono puede salvarse de todo ello, con dos simples medida:1). Una vez adaptado tener un par de lentes de contacto de respuesto, 2: en el cso de perder una lentes deberia ver bien como para usar un cuchillo viendo cion un ojo, pero si no es asi, en sitruaiconno habitual, comer otra cosa o pedir que otr corte los fetucchines,Lamento lo ocurrido. Saludos cordiales

  2. I only speak English sorry
    I can figure out a few key words but not enough to make sense of your post

  3. Using google translate (which is rubbish) I figure you're saying something about not using knives if I can't see haha.
    As for the first point, google couldn't translate into anything logical.

  4. Wait
    I think you're saying I should have a spare lens...great idea but I can't afford that right now (they're $517 in my country)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. OMG I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who ha done this. Sucks it happened!! I broke one of my lenses rinsing it & ordered a replacement, had it 2 weeks and it fell down the drain!! I cried lol funny, but not funny. I know my dispatcher got tired of me calling out when I first got the lenses, they would not uncloud. People keep talking about replacement lenses, mine are $650 for fitting fee + lenses, and $200 per (one) replacement lens. I have to pay out of pocket, insurance covers NOTHING with this disease in NC!

  6. Lost one of my left lenses in the sink, the replacement was an extra $100. Lost a second lense somehow shopping in Target. Another $100 dollars. It totally hindered my ability to read the computer, drive and just function in life during the time of re-order, not to mention being depressed to fork out the money for such a little item that I depend to function adequately on. Keratoconus can be absolutely debilitating! Thanks for sharing your story. Somehow it is comforting to hear others who understand the struggles of the eye abnormality. It would be nice to have at least one back up at the time of refilling the prescription at the doctors office. It would be interesting to see how much the actual cost to produce the lenses and if it would be cost effective to have one more produced at the same time.

  7. That's terrible :[ I'm so glad you got the new lens! I cannot go or do anything without my glasses. Recently I've been sessions with the RNIB with a computer speaking programme so I can still use the pc without hurting my eyes too much. It wad through the advice of the consultant I see regularly. There's an RNIB lady who works with the opthomology department, and she was very sweet. It's hard trying to explain how bad the sight is to someone, but once I found a picture showing how we see things, it made explaining keratoconus easier. I'm thankful for my partner and family for being so supportive.
    Good luck with the new lens!!!